A Large Lady Goes To a Concert

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I’m a US size 24 top and 26 bottom. This is me before a concert for one of my favorite musicians, Brett Dennen. I went there owning this outfit and showing off my skin. I stood in three inch heels and could see EVERYTHING. And then, I met him. A musical idol and I met him. I talked to him. And he looked at me like he gave a damn. I really wish more people knew what this site is trying to say. I wish that women could realize that your worth is not proportional to your weight. I danced, and laughed, and while I’m aware I stood out, I just can’t go out like that all the time thinking everyone is judging me. It’s crippling to live that way. This blog really helps me to keep that frame of mind. I thought I’d post these pictures to show how great things can be if you just enter into a situation aware that you are WORTH SOMETHING!

Dress: Torrid

Leggings: Torrid

Hair bow: (guess) Torrid