Big & Tall should be Big or Tall

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I went shopping today for some fly gear and I go to the Big & Tall Casual Male store.  Let me say that I have felt this way all my life seeing as how I’m a big ass country cornfed ass dude.  When they say Big & Tall they actually mean Big OR Tall bcuz they NEVER have my size.  All the clothes in the store are for guys short and round or tall and thin.  Never did they consider you might have a big person that’s actually tall.  Being 6ft5 330lbs is hard enough but buying some nice gear is UBER hard bcuz they don’t have a 34-36 length or a 48-50 waist.  It’s always bigger waist and shorter length to the point my shits look like high water pants.  I guess I have to bite the bullet and go to Esquire Big & Tall and let the creepy seamstress cop mad feels on me while she fixes my slacks just the way I like them.  Hard big a bug dude in a little mans world!