I go through phases of accepting my body and not. Right now I’m at a real low, a guy i met off the internet a few months ago had said nasty things about me which a friend told me yesterday (on my birthday :( ) literally making me out to be MASSIVE and made it out as if he was totally embarrassed to be seen with me & proper pointing out ALL my flaws even though in real life he was all "awwww you’re cute cute hehehe" so it’s a total head fuck. i know I’m big but wow, talk about making me feel lowwwwwww. i cant even confront him about it or my mate will get in shit for repeating. any advice on how to bring back my confidence back up? :(

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Well first of all, your friends shouldn’t be repeating nasty shit people say about you verbatim.  Like in my opinion if I have a friend with really low self esteem and someone says something mean about them, I’ll bitch out the person saying something mean and tell my friend that that person’s an asshole, but I wouldn’t repeat what they said because I think that’s cruel.

that being said, I think you should start writing down (or saying aloud) all the wonderful things about yourself and the way you look and how smart and funny and gorgeous and brilliant you are.  And I think you should consider confronting him because any asshole who says that kind of shitty stuff to your friend deserves what’s coming and should know better than to tell YOUR friend the shitty things he thinks, because she’s your friend.