I’m slowly learning how to love my body, but I keep hitting speedbumps. Like trying on clothes and seeing myself in all those mirrors, looking at my new batch of stretch marks, or being around people constantly talking about their diet. What I was hoping to ask of you and your followers at large – how do you deal with those momentary setbacks? What are your coping mechanisms?

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I just went on a trip to Brazil with a bunch of people I don’t usually hang out with (my university choir) and I suddenly was thrust into social interactions with non fat positive non feminist girls who were just so clueless about the body love thing.  For me the best coping mechanism is to remind myself how awesome and hot I am and to talk about it with those people.  But I know that doesn’t work for everyone and it’s really hard to go through life being like I KNOW YOU GUYS ALL HATE YOURSELVES BUT I KIND OF THINK THAT’S UNHEALTHY SO I DON’T DO IT TO MYSELF SO CAN YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT DIETING PLEASE because it’s so pervasive.  I don’t know.  Anyone else have suggestions?