You’ve probably answered this before and I couldn’t find a FAQ section on your page… Is there any particular reason why you post a description in words under the photos that you post?


I have no problem answering this again but that you the heads up and I will definitely add it to our FAQ page ASAP.

Image descriptions are to make the page as accessible as possible. Image descriptions play a role in making sure that people with disabilities are able to process the picture (this could mean someone who is blind, someone with a processing disability, etc so many different types of disabilities) and can benefit from reading a non-bias description of the photo.

It also really is a class and economic issue in my opinion. People who are on older computers, using older software, or using public access computers, may benefit from having the description if the photo doesn’t load completely or they don’t have the time to let it load completely.

As an FYI to readers we appreciate when those who submit, tag their photos with the descriptive terms they prefer us to use (these terms are related to race, color, ethnicity, nationality, size, sexuality, orientation, gender, etc etc) , or they can write the description themselves if they’d like!