Fatty Colors!

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[Photo 1 Image: A fat person stands on the viewers right side of the photo. The person has curly short black hair with red highlights. A red rose is in hair and is throwing her head back. The person appears to have brown complexion, is wearing a red bra and black underwear with lace trim. The person stands in front of a red curtain.]

Photo 2:

[Photo 2 Image Description: Shoot of two people’s intertwining thick legs. It appears the people are facing each other. Both people wear sparkling pink platform heal with a strap around the front and red dresses. Person on viewers left has legs that are fair complexion skin tone and person on viewers right has light brown complexion skin tone.]

Photo 3:

[Photo 3 Image Description: Shot of 4 fat bodies from the hip down on hardwood floors.. All are wearing spanex shiny leggings. The person most to the viewers left  is facing away from the camera and is wearing shiny purple spandex. The person’s feet are exposed and they a medium brown skin tone. Next person is in the middle left wearing shiny silver legs with their feet exposed medium skin tone facing away from the camera. Next person is in the middle right facing towards the camera and is wearing shiny blue spandex leggings with their feet exposed and medium brown skin. The last person is on the right hand side facing away from the camera and is also wearing shiny blue spandex. Part of the person’s leg and feet are exposed and they have fair skin complexion.

Photo 4:

[Photo 4 Image Description: A person stands on grass facing towards a shoreline and facing away from the camera On the other side of the body of water is a seaport and a cityscape. The fat person has shoulder length curly black hair with highlights. The person wears a red devil horns on her head, a red bra, red underwear with feather trim at the top and a devils tail. The person stands with their hands on their hips.]